Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mall Madness

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My mother and I have a long history of shopping. When I was quite small, we would go shopping with my aunt all day on Saturdays. At lunch, we would eat a department store where ladies chatted while enjoying their meals served on real china complete with linen table cloths and napkins (there were no straws,either), fresh flowers on the tables, and a strolling fashion show waltzed by their tables. Those were happy memories for both of us as we enjoyed the delicate side of the female life. Not so anymore.

While visiting my family, my mother and I attempted to shop at the mall. There are no longer any department store restaurants, only fast food establishments that do not even offer paper plates, much less a nice place to enjoy your meal. There is no tinkling of silverware on china, sounds of ladies chatting pleasantly, or models in beautiful dresses coming by your table. Instead there is piped in music that does not lend civility, the sound of obscenities uttered by scantily and roughly clad youth, and visually assaulting photographs in the store windows revealing more about the models' bodies than I care to ever know and their lack of moral fortitude equaling their lack of clothing.

My mother, daughter, and I did not last very long at the mall as we were quickly disheartened and disgusted. We were there long enough, however, for a lone young woman in a long skirt and head covering to ask my daughter where she purchased her skirt. :) She was the only person we could find (other than ourselves) that was dressed decently. Now mind you, we were not expecting everyone to wear skirts. We were merely hoping for a little more of people's assets to be covered. :)

My question is this - as Satan desires for the lines between genders to be blurred and the authority of man as head of the household undermined with feminazi-ism, who will be strong and stand in the gap? Who will present a living picture of biblical femininity?


Kate said...

Amen! My husband and I rarely frequent the malls and when we do, we have a few stores we hit and then we're outta there! We also wonder why people feel they have to dress so inappropriately to shop! We put up fake horse blinders and move as fast as we can. Everything is so in-your-face. I usually leave the mall totally overwhelmed and over stimulated. I'm done for the day!

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I prefer the mall in the morning when most people are working. I don't like crowds to begin with and I certainly don't like crowds of loud, vulgar, and obnoxious people.