Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Immodesties of an Immodest-tease

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Most pop stars today believe that sex sells. Well, that's true, but what it sells is you. Jessica Simpson has sold out to the world a little bit at a time. This morning at a checkout line, I was visually assaulted by two separate magazine covers featuring Jessica Simpson scantily clad. Jessica has become immodest not only in her appearance, but in her actions as well. Her own website even goes so far as to call one of her songs, Sweetest Sin, unabashedly carnal. She also thinks it's funny when she moons truckers as they drive by her bus. Society seems to love this, because they feel better about themselves knowing that she is just like them, in spite of her claims of faith in God. Satan would love to have the lines blurred between the wheat and the tares. We need to examine our hearts and search out the Scriptures to make sure we are living the life of a set apart royal priesthood. God calls us to walk worthy of our calling. Let's strive to do that and encourage one another to do so.

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Kristen said...

Yep--I saw one of the covers. Blech. :(

Not surprising, but sad nonetheless.