Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Magazines and Role Models

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Several months ago, I considered starting a magazine for women over 40, but I discovered that there already was such a magazine. Without doing much research on the magazine, I subscribed, only to be disappointed by articles that are superficial, promoting looking younger and finding fulfillment in life through pleasure. I want to grow old gracefully and with dignity, not with a botoxed face, bleached hair, and a "toy boy."

I have had similar disappointments in searching for an appropriate magazine for teenaged Christian girls. When I was young, I subscribed to a magazine put out by Moody entitled Young Ambassador, which was a great encouragement to my faith. It was full of articles about other teens around the globe who faced struggles and temptations and stood strong in their faith. Is this type of magazine now obsolete because there are so few teenagers today who are willing to be different for Christ? I hope not!

There are Christian magazines for teens available, but they are often too worldly, and the articles are "dumbed down" with worldly teen lingo to the extent that the magazines lose credibility. There are also a small number of magazines on the other end of the spectrum, but these are often not published regularly or are somewhat sterile.

If for no other reason (and certainly Scripture gives us plenty in Titus), this lack of spiritual encouragement via publications makes it paramount that older women come alongside the younger generation and begin developing friendships in order to encourage them in the Lord to be strong in their faith.

Be willing to share your past struggles, failures, and triumphs through Christ with a young girl. Pray for those teen girls that you know. Send a teen an anonymous note of encouragement, letting her know that someone is lifting her up in prayer and shares in her daily struggles. Remember when you were young and the temptations you faced? Imagine how alone some of these girls feel today when they try to stand for Christ. Encourage a young girl in her faith today. Be truly part of the body of Christ.

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