Thursday, April 30, 2009

The More Worrisome Pandemic

While a lot attention is being paid to pandemics of the flu, I find myself more focused on the pandemic of kidultism. Adults behaving and dressing like adolescents is not new to this current generation; indeed, over twenty years ago I had difficulty fitting in with my college aged peers because I found them to be immature, living off their parents money while whining about wanting to be treated like adults, and with no clue as to what direction they wanted their lives to take. These characteristics of the kidult still exist today, but the disease is more widespread and reaches even retiree age. Not many of us can claim immunity to this illness. Even I have fallen prey to some of its symptoms at times. It's something I find myself struggling with a lot. But why does the typical American find it desirous to dress intentionally inappropriately, shirk responsibility and mooch off his fellow man? This is not something I'm going to answer right now because I'm still mulling it over, but I am very much interested in any thoughts or insights you might have. Please feel free to rant. ;)

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