Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Drive-Thru Prayer

This used to be a joke, until I actually saw it in my neighborhood this week...people holding signs that said, "Drive-Thru Prayer."  Are you kidding me?!  I am sure that this church has good intentions (no pun intended) and they're seeking to minister to a needy and harried world, but have we really slipped this far that we're putting our prayer life on the same shelf as a Big Mac?  I confess that none of us pray the way we should or as often as we should, and I am not opposed to a ministry that takes time to pray for strangers.  I have seen a woman on the street corner with her own sign that reads, "I will pray with you," and I think that is wonderful. People often feel more at ease sharing their woes when they have some degree of anonymity. What bothers me most about the other sign is labeling the ministry "drive-thru." I need to think through this a lot more, but I am grateful that God can use us even when we have bad theology...

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