Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why did you even bother?

This past Sunday, a group of young college students sat behind us in church whispering.  Talking, whispering, and eating during worship or preparation for worship are all big pet peeves for me.  It's not just one age group that does this, either.  We even have little signs posted outside the sanctuary requesting that you not participate in these activities.  Other than being irreverent, these things make it difficult for others (particularly those of us with hearing loss) to hear and/or pay attention.  My first thought was, "Why do even bother coming to church if you're not going to participate in the worship?"  Being the fiery redheaded, short-tempered person that I am, it was difficult to refrain from snatching one of them up by the ear and hauling them to the church front steps for a dose of "wisdom."  This morning, however, I find myself wondering what was God's purpose in having them there and sitting right behind me.  What was God trying to get through to them....or to me?  It's something for me to think about and has caused me to pray for them in a new light.  In the meantime, PLEASE refrain from talking, whispering, and eating or drinking during worship and/or worship preparation lest I pray for you! ;) 

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