Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Good Life

My husband frequently gives me mental wake-up calls, and for that, I love him.  This morning was one of those wake-up calls....

In the 1970's the BBC put out a sit-com called "Good Neighbors" which followed the lives of Tom & Barbara Good as they embarked on a life of self-sufficiency in suburbia.  I absolutely love this TV series and have always desired a life completely off the grid, with chickens, goats, and a lovely garden.  This morning, as my husband stared blankly out the window into our tiny backyard, I asked him if he ever desired to be like Tom Good so he could stay home.  He quickly answered "no" and also informed me that I really don't either. ????what????  He turned and glanced around the house and said, "Look at all the gadgets." 

He's right, as always.  I could give a lot of it up, or would like to think that I could; but then, there's the cell phone.  How could I manage without any phone; my phone, which connects me to everyone.  And....my computer which holds blogs, Pinterest, and the almighty Facebook....  I could continue listing my electronic gadgetry and my countless kitchen appliances and tools, but let's not embarrass ourselves here!  Am I really that attached to my toys?

At this point I haven't decided if I'm an enigma or an oxymoron.  I still admire the Goods....and St. Francis and St. Clare, but I also know that my poor health would not sustain me were I to give up a/c and open the windows and let in pollen and the asthma attacks that would follow.  Perhaps, I need to lay down my "toys" more often and focus more on the company of our Lord or on the needs of others.....

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