Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Ultimate Test

Here's a quiz for you that I bet you won't pass.  Some questions do not have a right or wrong answer per se, but your answer does hold weight. Some answers (and I won't say which) may count against you if you know them.  Have fun, but be honest and NO GOOGLING! lol  Please send your answers to .... do NOT put your answers in the comment section


  1. Man's chief end is to:
  2. Hello, my name is:
  3. What does T.U.L.I.P. stand for?
  4. Name one book by Alexandre Dumas:
  5. I'm a lumberjack, and I'm:
  6. Always know where your ________ is.
  7. PCA stands for:
  8. Who was Fyodor Dostoyevsky?
  9. Name the members of the Fellowship.
  10. Name Santa's Reindeer.
  11. Who bore the number 24601?
  12. Complete this book title: Confessions of ......
  13. Name three dead theologians who were part of the Reformation.
  14. What's your favorite baseball team?
  15. If there's a fire in an electrical oven, what's the one thing you should NOT throw in it?
  16. Name one Jane Austen book.
  17. Which gasoline is better for your car and why, ethanol or no ethanol?
  18. How often should furnace filters be changed?
  19. How many of the Ten Commandments apply to today?
  20. Is age segregation in the Church a good or bad thing?
  21. If you were a Muppet, who would you be?
  22. Revenge is a dish best served:
  23. What's your favorite color?
  24. Question 23 makes me think of:
  25. Do you see Christian Psychology as good, evil, either, or an oxymoron? 
  26. What is your life goal?
  27. My favorite meal is:
  28. Typically, a car's oil should be changed every:
  29. If your car squeals when turning a corner, it probably needs:
  30. My ideal vacation would be:
  31. Do you smoke?
  32. If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you:
  33. What is the Proverbs 31 woman's chief purpose?
  34. May the _____ be with you.
  35. To go to a symphony concert would be _______ for me.
  36. Do you like Niel Diamond?
  37. Country must be________.
  38. You went to the woods.  Why?
  39. What does baptism signify?
  40. What is the date of Luther's 95 Theses?
  41. Tell me your best joke.
  42. What is the significance of the title of this Quiz (42)?