Monday, October 11, 2010

Would Jesus facebook/twitter?

I've been considering the silly question, "Would Jesus facebook/twitter?"  I don't think facebook and twitter are evil in and of themselves; I believe them to be tools that are more often than not our master rather than the other way around.  God could have sent Christ as savior during any time period.  He could have chosen any medium He wished for sharing His message to us, but He chose the written and living Word.  He chose a time where there wasn't mass communication and/or social networking via electronics.  He chose face to face discipleship with just a handful of simple men.  Face it; Jesus didn't have a lot of friends by facebook/twitter standards.  But I'm deviating from my original question...if Jesus had chosen this present time period, would He facebook/twitter?  I honestly believe Christ would've been too busy doing what He was supposed to be doing with real people to be twittering His time away.  Sometimes, at the end of the day, I regret not having picked up the phone or gone to visit someone who needed a "real" friend, or I think about ways I could have spent my time ministering to the poor rather twittering, frittering, and farmvilling.  It's a time eater and a life waster.  Yes, I'm thinking about deleting my accounts again.  Yes, I know it will be more difficult to keep up with some people, but perhaps it's time to "bloom where we've been planted" and tend to the people in our real day to day lives.   Perhaps, we are neglecting the people God puts right in our path in the real world because we're too busy and lost in the surreal.  I'll sit on it a spell, but not for long.