Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glory Daze ... NOT

Have you seen the ad for the new TV show, Glory Daze?  It's supposedly about college life, and here is a quote from one of the characters:

"THIS! is COLLEGE!!  I'm on my own now! It's crazy! There's no parents... there's no curfew... Wooo!!! This is gonna be a wild ride! I mean, who KNOWS what's gonna happen?!  THESE are the glory DAYS!"

Not only does the above ensure that I won't be watching this show, but it also makes me sad for the up & coming generation.  What a sad commentary on life.  Let's pick the quote apart.

No, you are NOT on your own.  You are in college; being on your own entails paying your own way, having a job with real responsibilities with no one to clean up your little life messes.

No, parents or curfew?  I hate you inform you son, but you cannot get away from rules....ever.  There will always be laws to govern societies; laws which you must obey....hopefully better than you obeyed Mom & Dad.

These are your glory days?  Oh, please.  If I know you, these are your shameful days.  Get real; get a job; get a life.

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