Sunday, February 28, 2010

New/Improved Price Book & Coupon Organizer

After wrestling with my price book in the front of grocery baskets for a few weeks, a woman with a smirk on her face waltzed past me in the store with a large box of coupons that were filed in alphabetical order.  A light bulb immediately popped up above my head as I saw that there was indeed a better way to do this! Here are some pics of my new box.  Each item (listed by brand name) is written on an index card with current prices.  On the back of the card is an envelope that holds coupons for that item.  Set up took a little while, but when it came time to hunt for coupons to match up with items on sale, it was much easier and faster.  The box fits easily in the front of the basket, and there should be no more wrestling in the grocery store for me. :)  Happy day!





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Miss Jen said...

How wonderful...
isn't it wonderful to be organized?!


Blessings ~Miss Jen