Friday, February 19, 2010

Lots of Clearance Sales!

On the 17th, I posted an article from IngDirect about major chains dumping many brand name items; well, it must be true.  Go to your local WalMart, Target, and/or KMart and marvel at all the clearance sales not listed in their flyers!  This is both good and bad news for the consumer.  It's good because, when combined with coupons, these clearance sales can make for spectacular deals.  It's bad because it will mean fewer choices in the stores and an even bigger monopoly for the almighty WalMart.


Kate said...

I do my part by shopping at Walmart as little as possible. I can't stand Walmart.

~Ruthie Sisemore~ said...

Me, too! Sometimes, it's a necessary evil, but I try hard to avoid it.