Saturday, January 02, 2010

Survey - combs & brushes

One of my new year's resolutions may seem a bit odd to most; it's to be cleaner. I'm not dirty or unsanitary, mind you; but my eyesight has recently changed so that I really need my glasses almost all the time, revealing .... well, dirt in my home. Therefore, I will wear my glasses while I clean from now on. The subject of cleanliness in the home has my tiny mind a buzz with projects and goals and questions. One question I have for you is:
  • How often do you personally clean your combs & brushes? Ideally, I would like to clean mine once a week, but I tend to forget.
  • What method do you use? I've always used Lysol in hot water, followed by a cold rinse.
  • How long has it been since you've cleaned your combs/brushes? Be honest! It's been about one month for me.....who knows how long for our

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