Saturday, January 16, 2010

Speak No Evil

Lately, I have been very disheartened concerning the misuse of language and how it reflects upon the individual and society as a whole. I believe it points to an escalating level of disrespect or disregard for our fellow man and/or God. It is not my intention to go into detail about expletives, minced oaths or vulgarity because I am certain that your own imagination or past experiences can fill in the blanks more than is sufficient, nor is it my intention to lay ultimate blame on any one facet of society as there are many culprits involved. My concern is what should our reaction to this misuse be as Christians and how much of our own language needs correction or polishing. I believe that we are long overdue in taking a stand to not participate in any unwholesome conversation (Ephesians 4:29) and, in the very least, confronting those who take the name of our precious Lord in vain by politely asking that they refrain from doing so as it offends (or should offend) us. What are your thoughts?

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