Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sabbath Mindset Throughout the Week

I love having a Sabbath mindset that prepares for worship on Saturday evening.  This morning I started thinking about the rest of the week ahead and how much smoother things would run if I kept that mindset of evening to morning being the day rather than morning to evening.  When our daughter was small, we ran our household with that in mind, but as she grew older and life became easier, we backslid.  Now, I frequently find myself disorganized or harried because I have been caught off guard by something that would have been foreseen if only I had looked at my calendar in the evening before or made sure everything was in order for the next day.
So much of my little stresses are due to poor planning on my part.  So tonight (after dinner because if I wait too late, I'll have no brain left), I will look at the day and week ahead.  What appointments do I and other members of my family have?  What will our meals be and who will be there for each one?  What clothes will we need to wear tomorrow.....oh this one is critical....there is nothing like your husband being late for work and suddenly realizing that an article of clothing he needs is still in the laundry basket! 
I know this all seems so simple and it's something so many already do, almost instinctively, but I find myself needing to be reminded of this periodically.


Lori said...

This is me all over! A good reminder, Thanks!

~Ruthie Sisemore~ said...

I'm so glad it wasn't just me :)