Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Romantic Bedrooms

I believe master bedrooms should be romantic but not necessarily frilly. This bedroom, which can be found at, is warm, inviting, and sophisticated. It has all the elements I would want: a fireplace, books, windows, a place to sit & read, luxurious linens, and rich colors. I would definitely remove the TV and replace it with art; in my mind the bedroom is no place for a TV or a computer. There should not be anything which is not restful and inviting.


Donna said...

Hi, I'm Donna from Homemaking made Easy! I noticed you have become one of my new followers and I wanted to say thanks. I really love this post! My husband and I's bedroom is really romantic. It is completely Victorian and we recently added a four poster bed in dark wood and tall double stacker dresser. I love the English style of decorating. Your blog is very interesting and I think I will sign up as a follower. I really want my readers to have good homemaking sources and I feel yours is. In a couple of months, you will be a featured follower for a day since I try to feature a new one daily on my sidebar. It's really a blessing to me to meet someone else who truly understands the significance and joy of being a homemaker. You can see it on my post entitled "The Art of Homemaking" but I think it is on my art blog

Donna said...

PS. I have a really tiny house too and decorate it with gifts, hand-me-downs, antiques, and a few rare purchases. Every item in my home has a 'story'. :o) I always tell people that the Lord is my 'decorator' since he chose all the things that came my way.

~Ruthie Sisemore~ said...

Wow! I'm honored that you would choose to share my little blog with your readers.....that's really a neat idea to help us all connect and encourage one another.
I love the Victorian styles, but my husband had had enough of floral patterns and wanted something with clean lines and rich, warm colors. The good news is I love that as well :)