Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doo-Dad & Gadget Queen

My dear husband sometimes lovingly calls me the "Doo-Dad & Gadget Queen" and that's because there's a lot of truth to the name. I love and thrive on organization. Don't get me wrong; my house is not the pristine place of order that my mother's home is. I struggle to keep up because my health and circumstances seem to continually thwart my plans for perfection. Today, I bought a new gadget. It's a clear container divided into three equal spaces. It is the perfect replacement for our old medicine box. I labeled the sections as follows: Pain, Cold & Allergy, Tummy. Frequently, one of us would scrounge around in the box looking for something that would inevitably be on the very bottom and whatever organization was in the box was then transformed into disarray. My hope is that problem is now solved and that the Queen has taken dominion over this small part of her realm and that the people will rejoice and live happily ever after.

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