Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Erin's Garden

Posies of Our Own

Chattanooga in Bloom 5

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Chattanooga in Bloom

These are pictures our daughter snapped while downtown one day.

Don't Twitter Away Your Life

Social networking utilities on the Internet are certainly mixed bags of blessings and cursings. As a general rule, facebook and myspace accounts only give its readers a very shallow and flat picture of ourselves, but occasionally it gives readers a glimpse into our hearts that they never expected to find, revealing new depths or the absence of character. While most status updates are worthless, silly glimpses into our lives, more often than not someone will make a statement that hurts feelings or rips someone's heart to its center. It always shocks me when I read those kind of unqualified statements which are generally directed at a particular person. This alone is enough to cause me to strongly dislike these networking or "gossip" tools. Some things are better left unsaid. We all need to be more careful that our behavior is God honoring....even over the Internet.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Feminists Come Full Circle....it's about time!

I would give props to whoever wrote this article but I can't tell who wrote it....it comes from the link above.

Feminist pioneer’s rethink: ‘a woman’s place is in the home’
Erin Pizzey claims freedom of choice doesn’t work
SHE IS one of feminism's pioneers and founder of the UK's first refuge for victims of domestic violence, but after decades of fighting for women's rights Erin Pizzey has come to a startling conclusion: women should stay at home and look after the children while men go out to work.

Her revelations don't stop there. Pizzey also believes that with mothers away from home working, their child's development will be harmed. Her views are supported by new research conducted by Birbeck College in London, which suggests that the longer children are in childcare, as opposed to with parents, the more aggressive they become.

Pizzey's remarks are part of new BBC2 documentary The Trouble With Working Women, which explores why men still dominate the top jobs and earn on average £369,000 more in the course of a lifetime than women. It will be screened tomorrow night.

In the programme, she says: "I think the traditional way the family was run has been going for thousands of years and it works. What I see now is men disenfranchised from their roles. Women are lost because they now have to work full-time. They don't have a choice. There is no proper child care, there's nobody home when the children come home."

In 1971 Pizzey opened a refuge for women suffering from domestic violence. It soon attracted public funding and became Women's Aid.

A noted contrarian, Pizzey has rarely been predictable in her views on feminism. She has previously suggested that some women were attracted to abusive relationships, drawing harsh criticism from other feminists.

In the documentary she says she now considers the idea of women having it all - a family and a career - to be a myth.

She adds: "I don't think anybody foresaw what that freedom of choice would do. It's imprisoned many women. They don't have a choice - they have to work hard and I just see an exhausted generation of women trying to do it all."

According to ongoing research by Jay Belsky, a professor of psychology at Birbeck College, Pizzey's fears are being borne out.

Research done in America as part of the college's Families, Children and Child Care study of 1200 children claims to show that the more time young children spend in care in their early years, the more aggressive and disobedient they will be by the time they reach primary school.

Belsky said the quality of the care did not change his findings.

"I don't want to catastrophise and make it sound like we're developing axe murderers: there's no evidence of that. What is important, though, is that these effects in the American data emerged even when the quality of care was good."

He added: "I think there is some reason to question full-time childcare beginning very early in life."

The study is currently following the effect on children of daycare through primary school, but will continue to monitor case studies in secondary school too.

Belsky, however, does cautiously suggest that women can still combine successful careers with childcare. Parents just need to be careful.

He said: "One of the theoretical foundations of this would be that parents or even grandparents have stakes or investments or commitments to children that, literally and figuratively, money can't buy."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Up From There

There comes a point in everyone's life when they feel sad and start to dwell upon what on their losses and longings. One may readily advise that such individuals need to take their woes to God and leave them there. Unfortunately, many of us keep looking back, much like Lot's wife. My advice? No matter how hard it is, pick yourself up off the floor and do something kind for someone else. I have a widowed mother, mother-in-law, and aunt all within one mile or our home and nothing brightens their day more than an unexpected visit. Today, our daughter was having a serious case of the blues so I sent her to my mother-in-law's with some homemade blackberry cobbler. So often, we are so obsessed with our own belly buttons that we have no idea how much other people suffer or are just plain lonely. So, get up from the computer and invest in the life of someone who needs you, starting first with family or neighbors. Start where you are and work your way out. You'll be glad you did.

We Could Use These Today

Click on the link above for a glimpse into the social life of teens not too long ago.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where Have All the Men Gone?

Lately, I have been saddened by the lack of young men who are not afraid of responsibility or being faithful to honor their commitments...or even make a commitment. Guess what, ladies? It's largely our own fault. Even if you're not a femi-nazi out to conquer the world, you may have unconsciously had a hand in the disappearance of the true man. Here are a few things we ladies may need to consider taking on:

Stop enabling them! If a guy asks you to "hang-out" or says he will call you and then never contacts you about when & where; don't call, text, message, or contact him in anyway. This only encourages an avoidance of responsibility.

If a young man who proposes to you still lives at home, think twice about accepting him. Before a young man marries, in the best of all worlds, he needs to have proved that he can provide for you.

Stop man shopping. Proverbs 31 says "he who finds a wife" not "she who finds a husband." Do you really want a man you had to chase down? Young women pursuing young men encourages a passive male role in the relationship.

Stop the excessive flirting. Again, this puts you as the pursuer.

Dress modestly!!!! If you dress like a street walker, you're going to be treated like a street walker. If you dress for respect, you're more likely to receive respect. If you dress feminine, you are more likely to be treated as a lady.

Give guys a chance. Pause for a brief moment before opening a door; give him the chance to open it for you. Stand by your chair momentarily before being seated; allow him the opportunity to pull it out for you. This can be applied to SO many things.

Stop man bashing!!!! This is so unbecoming and no one really benefits from it.

Stop competing with men...even in conversation. No one likes to be "one up-ed" particularly in a group setting.

When you see a young man behaving like a man, praise or thank him! Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

Seek to serve your father, your brothers, and brothers in Christ in a way that honors and pleases God.

Be respectable in your behavior, without crude jesting. Be worthy of a man by being a godly woman.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Family Date

Click on the link for a wonderful vintage video

Butter Molds

I have always wanted a butter mold but never seriously looked for one. While pausing at the dairy case at the grocery store last week, I casually mentioned to our daughter my wish for one. Without hesitation she suggested using one of our candy molds. Genius! Why didn't I ever think of that? We already had many different candy molds, so her Mother's Day dinner which she prepared for her grandmothers and myself included wonderful butterfly pats of butter. I am exceptionally pleased. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I haven't posted much because I've been pouring over my new favorite blog. If you haven't visited this blog, it is well worth your time!