Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sourdough Bread

For years, my mother-in-law made sourdough bread every week. I know white bread isn't exactly health food, but it was something we all loved and looked forward to every week. Last week, I finally decided to make my own starter after 3 years without our lovely weekly treat. This morning 3 loaves are rising in my kitchen and the aroma is sheer delight for me. I can hardly wait until this evening's meal!
Right now, Spring has me quite occupied. My to do list seems to be added to faster than I can cross tasks off. Our home is in need of deep cleaning and our gardens need to be loved. My mind is brimming with projects and ideas, and my reading list is getting full; so, blogging will have to wait.

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Miss Jen said...

I know there is nothing so delightful
as making homemade bread... is there?! ;) Sounds like you are enjoying Spring and have many aspirations in mind for it! ;)
The picture in this post is GREAT...
it made me giggle... Lucy and Ethel are simply wonderfully hilarious!

Blessings~Miss Jen