Monday, March 23, 2009

I Blame Barbie

Last night I bought a new book, which when considering the subject matter of the book, I find delightfully ironic that I made the purchase. Like most books I read, this one falls under the category of sociology. I have always been of the opinion that Madison Avenue tells more lies than politicians, but lately I have begun to catch a new glimpse at the magnitude of marketers' impact. It happened the day Barbie's 50th birthday was announced.
Before the advent of the Barbie doll, most little girls in America played with baby dolls. This type of play had little girls "practicing" to be adults with responsibilities. Along comes Barbie. She's young, beautiful, and envied by all. Everyone wants to be like Barbie; she has a convertible, a dream house, Ken, beautiful clothes galore, and no responsibilities. She is a spoiled adolescent, or as many have dubbed, a "kidult."
Never before in history has adulthood been delayed for so long; not that I want to go back to children working in factories, mind you, but we are seeing 20something and 30something kidults still living at home trying to find themselves. We have grown men playing video games to the point of ignoring their families and responsibilities, and women going to nightclubs while leaving their babies in the car, or becoming shopaholics, or desperately trying to cling to youthful looks.
I'm sure that as I dive into this book I will have much to share with you. :)

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