Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Spring and Fall cleaning are never scheduled into my life, rather the urge comes upon me suddenly. In January, when all the Christmas decorations are put away, I usually feel like giving the house a good scrub down. This is a good time for me as there is no garden work to be done then. In August, just before school starts, the mood suddenly seizes me again. I feel as though it must be upon me now as I have already cleaned out the garage, scrubbed the kitchen cabinets, vacuumed the cold air return, caught up all the ironing, worked on a fall sewing project, and am now scrubbing woodwork and light fixtures. These are dirty and tiresome jobs, but I always feel a deep sense of satisfaction afterwards. I think this is largely because these are jobs that are not done everyday, and having them accomplished clears my mind. Posted by Picasa

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