Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back to HomeSchool Time!

Every year around this time, our schedules get rearranged. While we homeschool, our daughter has always taken at least one outside class with other homeschoolers and music lessons. Thus, the schedule changes. This year we are adding two new ventures to the schedules.

1. We begin dual enrollment. (Classes count for both high school and college at the same time.)

2. We may be hosting a young girl from Rwanda for the school year. She would be homeschooled as well.

The dual enrollment should be fun for our daughter as it is at a small junior college and has a large number of homeschoolers taking classes, but it is still a new experience.

Our young guest's name is Gloria. We are still awaiting final word from her parents as to whether or not she will still come with all of this stuff going on in London. It's a scary thing, but then again, so is living in Rwanda right now. Posted by Picasa

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