Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are You Drifting?

We have been teaching our daughter to drive, and yesterday she learned a very important lesson that all drivers eventually learn: if you take your eyes off the road, you will drift out of your lane. This lesson was greatly impressed on her as she drifted into the lane of an oncoming minivan and upon realizing her error, she overcorrected and jerked us about.

As I went to sleep last night, I started wondering about this incident from a spiritual perspective. If we don't keep our eyes on Jesus and the goal of godliness, we start to drift. Sure, spiritual guard rails (rules) may keep us from going completely off the road, but we may never reach true godliness if we do not keep our eyes on Jesus and His Word.

As we travel the road of life, there is much to distract us, good and bad. Sometimes, we are so distracted that we stop and get out the car, falling into sin. Sometimes, we follow the other extreme and try to do so much for Jesus that we don't take time to refuel in His Word or through prayer and we exhaust ourselves.

So, keep your eyes on Jesus, and make sure you start each day's trip with a full tank of gas. :) Posted by Picasa


Donna said...

That's a really good analogy!

Calla Lilly said...

Thanks! I'm more impressed that I remembered it this morning. :) Usually what I think about at night or in the shower is awol from my brain shortly thereafter.