Friday, July 28, 2006

Possible New Business Venture

This morning I baked sourdough bread simply because my starter was ready. I kept thinking that I wished there was someone who needed this bread. Then a bolt of lightening hit me between the eyes - why not sell it from my home?! So, after I dropped our daughter off to work at VBS, I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a dry erase board with magnets on the back ($5). I took the sign, now proudly advertising my sourdough bread, and attached it to our mailbox. I will only put out the sign if I have something to sell. If this little idea takes root, I will add other baked goods, salsa, or even meals to order. As far as baked goods go, I would not bake what we were not willing to or able to use that week in case it did not sell. This could be great at Christmas time, as I love to make all sorts of cookies, but don't need many. Any thoughts? Do I need a liscense? Posted by Picasa


Meredith said...

Many people "unofficially" sell baked goods without getting into trouble. I know I'd buy something delicious from you whether you had a license or not!

When I checked with Nashville's city gov't., they told me all home-based food businesses require a commercial kitchen and license. I am not sure if this is true state-wide or just in my city. However, most states make an exception for baked goods, requiring only a license.

Mary said...

Did the bread sell? I wish you lived nearby!