Friday, July 07, 2006

Old Stuff

Today, I am supposed to go pick up a cabinet that used to belong to my husband's grandmother and has been sitting in an old church for who knows how many years. I do not know anything about the cabinet other than the fact that it used to belong to Gram, and that is enough for me. I love old furniture that used to belong to someone else (which is good, as that describes most of our furniture).

I fell in love with the furniture that currently resides in our guest room when my husband and I were courting and would drive to his parents' for a weekend visit. It was the bedroom set that I used on these visits. Shortly after we were wed, they gave the furniture away to a single man - who wasn't using it. I was so disappointed! When they realized that I wanted "that old stuff" they brought it to us.

This isn't a clear photo, but the wood is beautiful. It was my inlaws' first refinishing project years ago. The set includes a high boy dresser and a mirrored dressing table. On the bed is the bedspread that my husband's grandmother on the other side of the family used. At the foot of the bed is a quilt my great grandmother made from scraps from dresses she had made for her seven daughters. On the walls, hang photos of my mother as a child and my grandparents. On the quilt rack is a quilt made by my husband's grandmother. Am I a romantic or what?

I love things that belong to family members as it gives me a sense of connectedness and roots. Posted by Picasa

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