Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Money - In God We Trust

Over the weekend, I spoke with both my mother and my mother-in-law about how they handled money years ago, specifically about what they did when they needed food but had no money. (Now before any readers panic, Mrs. Calla Lilly is not in this situation.) I came away from both conversations with a lot to contemplate, but what struck me the most was the realization that we trust in Visa rather than in God.

My mother's response was that they simply did without or made do with what they had. They never ran up a tab at the grocery, even if it meant going hungry for a little while. They accepted their lot in life and simply made do. They also never stopped for treats because they kept treats at home, realizing that ice cream at home is a lot cheaper than DQ.

My mother-in-law's response was similar, but because of their faith, came from a slightly different angle. One time they had no money for gas or bus fare and my father-in-law had to get to work. So, he went to the street and prayed for someone to pick him up. Someone did.

O.K. now I know that I trust in Visa more than God. God's strength is made perfect in weakness, but we will never see the glory of His power in our lives if we are continually striving to meet our needs through our credit cards. How many blessings have we missed out on because we jumped ahead of God?

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Donna said...

That's neat that you asked the "older" women in your life. I'm sure they were very touched that you asked them. What an interesting thought that we may miss out on blessings because we take out our charge cards first.