Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blue Collar Cooking

I am woefully behind in teaching our daughter everything she needs to know about cooking. She knows a lot about cookies and cakes, but not much about meals. Life is just too busy, and yet, I am determined to conquer!

My family has very simple tastes in food. Casseroles are a rare item on our menu as my loved ones cannot abide having their food all jumbled up together. They tend to love what I affectionately dubbed "white trash food." I was quickly overruled by my dear husband who christened our fare "blue collar food." When I first married, I had visions of cooking gourmet meals for my groom, but alas, he loved fish sticks and Hamburger Helper. Now, mind you, my family loves my cooking better than anyone else's, but I must keep recipes simple and "unadulterated."

Hence, I have begun letting our daughter prepare "blue collar food" on a regular basis. Tonight's menu is tacos along with chips and my killer salsa (which dd will make). So, don't let the idea of teaching your child to cook daunt you; start simple. Simple is nice. :) Posted by Picasa

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