Thursday, July 27, 2006

Almost Poor

I have in recent weeks been conversing with quite a few ladies who all complain of having debt problems. I must confess that we, too, are indebted. The average American knows nothing of true poverty, but we know a lot about being in debt. Thanks to credit cards, Americans owe an unprecedented amount, and our debt continues to grow. It is a hole that only seems to grow deeper, as we all wait for some event in our lives that will cause the "hole" to cave in on us for us to become truly poor.

In light of this seemingly universal problem for Americans, I thought it would be nice if we posted things we can do for free, whether for entertainment or out of necessity. Here is a beginning list. Please comment with your ideas.

Hang clothes out on the line.

Read a book aloud.

Play a game together.

Visit with a neighbor - internet neighbors do not count.

Place an internet ad to sell your extra vehicle (how many do we really need).

Read your local newspaper online rather than subscribe to it.

Go to your local library to check out books, gain internet access, or look at magazines.

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Meredith said...

Visit a local art gallery for inspiration.

Take digital photos at a local park or garden.

Attend some Open Houses to get a feel for different neighborhoods.

Donna said...

Teach yourself new craft skills which in turn means you can make gifts to give.

Increase your Bible knowledge...can any of us really say we know the Bible too well?

Organize something....there's always something around the house to organize!

Anonymous said...

Praise God!

Tell a neighbour about Jesus.

Great post.