Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where I'm From

I am from the wicker laundry basket that rests beneath the clothesline, from the hearth that warms the soul and the table we join hands round.
I am from the cheery, peaceful bungalow where aromas of freshly baked breads slip out the window to call loved ones home. I am from the porch swing where stories are told, hearts desires unfolded and kisses bestowed.
I am from hand made baskets bursting with Chrysanthemum. From delicate tea rose, and gentle Dogwood. From Japanese Maple, proud and colorful.
I am from puns and playfulness and loyalty, from Jack and Mert, and Russell and Sylvia, too.
I am from childlike generosity and unwavering love.
From faeries leaping from chimney stacks and flickering with light and from brownies who clean under the bed through the night.
I am from Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli; the reformers whose voices still echo today.
I'm from England and Germany, from tradition and stoicism. From sourdough bread and chocolate chip cookies, relished with thanksgiving to God.
From the floods and fires of vacations past, the adventures of clearing land and contests for the dirtiest laborer. From seaside strolls, ice cream shops, and bookstore addictions. From the members who stand by their loved ones when all the world turns their back.
I am from hope chests, old train trunks, and hat boxes tucked away for safe keeping until some small child happens upon these tiny treasures and stories from so long ago.

Hat tip to Mrs. Blythe for this wonderful idea. :)Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hi Calla Lilly - I was going to read yours tomorrow because I really should be in bed right now. But I couldn't wait. It was beautiful I love the "wicker laundry basket that rests beneath the clothesline" and "faeries leaping from chimney stacks" very evocative. Lovely word pictures. Blessings.