Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For the remainder of this week, I will be taking a break from reading blogs and posting in order to spiritually regroup and cloister. I found being without the interference of TV very soothing to my soul, and I now feel the need to contemplate how much time I spend with blogs and whether or not that time is beneficial to the Kingdom. I may take this time to weed out a few posts. During this time, I will still be able to read any comments you might have, but I will not be responding until May 8th. See you then. Posted by Picasa


jennifer said...

I applaud your discipline. May God bless you richly for it.

Donna said...

I'll miss you Calla Lilly but I fully understand. Your blog is beneficial to the Kingdom because you point others to Christ and urge them on to holier living.