Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Dress of War

If someone told you to sketch a portrait in your minds eye, could you? It's not hard to do. How about a Muslim woman, shrouded in thick black veils? Now picture a "alluring" woman out to have a good time on the town. But this is harder: can you picture a Christian woman? It is easy to identify a policeman, soldier, fireman, and even sometimes a politician, but shouldn't we be able to point out a Christian maiden just as simply?...

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Anonymous said...

I remember when we stayed as a family in our church's community house when we were having difficulty with our neighbour's children drinking and taking drugs next door (I was pregnant at the time and found it stressful - we have since moved to a slightly better area - still not great, but better than before). Anyway, one afternoon I was watching MTV. One of the ladies who lived permanently in the house (a beautiful lady in heart) saw the 'girl-band' who were dancing in the video and said to me "who are these? They look like ladies of the night". This particular 'girl-band' were dressed very provacatively but always professed faith in Jesus. I told her they were Christian and she was shocked. Made me think.

Since then my attitude towards dress has changed considerably.