Thursday, April 13, 2006


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Today I find myself reflecting on Peter's denial of Christ, and I wonder how many ways we deny Christ in our day-to-day living. It is easy to say that we would never deny Christ, but we may dis-affirm our belief in Him in not so obvious ways. If we are not truly loving our neighbor as ourselves or loving God completely, we are denying Him before the watching world. We must remember that we are in a constant battle, warring with our own flesh and the powers of darkness. We must constantly be on prayerful guard, as Jesus would have had his own disciple do in the garden. Are we asleep and unaware of wars going on within us and around us? Or, are we denying Christ because of fear of the enemy or a lack of concern for our fellow man? I say these things because all to often I am spiritually sleepwalking through life, and perhaps maybe you are too. Take time this weekend to ask God to open your eyes to the spiritual realities in your life.


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I'll ditto that amen! A very convicting post, Calla. Thank you.