Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lately the weather has been great for hanging clothes on a line to dry, but I wonder...if I didn't have a dryer and were forced to always hang my clothes on a line, would I still enjoy it??? I'm afraid that I wouldn't, and I do not like what that reveals about my heart. I know that when my dryer broke down last winter, I whined about the amount of time it took for our clothes to dry on the line. How spoiled I am! There are so many ways that modern conveniences have spoiled us and made us impatient, always desiring immediate gratification. There should be joy in our journey - not just in the arrival at our destination, but with traveling through the day itself. We miss out on so many simple pleasures because we do not see things properly. As you do dishes today, think back to how much fun you may have had playing in the sink suds as a child. When I was young, I loved to scrub the cast iron dutch oven with an S.O.S. pad because I loved to make pretty desings in the soap. Try to remember how much you used to enjoy some of the simpler things in life. Recapture some of the innocence of childhood.  Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...very good questions! I know I enjoy hanging out clothes during the warm weather, but would I enjoy it in the cold winter or if it was an everyday thing?