Friday, April 21, 2006

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I can't get blogspot to post this in columns, but I think that after looking at the photo of the finished product, you'll be able to get the idea. This is a page from the scrapbook that our daughter and I have been making to go along with the Raising Maidens of Virtue book that we have been studying.

A Covenant Between a Father& Daughter as Witnessed by the Lord Jesus Christ

Father                                                                                                 * Daughter

I will protect you from                                                                         *I will accept your protection
unqualified young men.                                                                        * and keep myself pure for my
                                                                                                          * husband.

I will be diligent to lovingly                                                                  * I acknowledge that I am
guard you from even the                                                                     * capable of being deceived and
presence of temptation.                                                                       *will come to you should any
                                                                                                         * temptation present itself.

I will teach you God’s                                                                        *I will listen and learn and
principles concerning life                                                                    * wait for God’s best for my
and marriage.                                                                                    * life.

I will pray for you and communicate                                                 * I will seek first the kingdom
with you concerning God’s                                                              * of God and wait for your
choice of your life’s partner.                                                            * blessing before entering into
                                                                                                       * marriage.

_____________________                                                                 ______________________

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