Monday, April 10, 2006


Written by Mrs. Calla Lilly at age 8

Fathers are very great! If we didn't have fathers or men, who would lift the heavy things & drive eighteen wheelers? If we didn't have fathers, who would protect us? No one would be there to pay the bills or drive the tractor. No one could build homes or bridges. We wouldn't have roads or cars as we do today. If it weren't for fathers, we would be dead. If it weren't for fathers, I would not have my heavenly Father. Praise the Lord for fathers! Thanks, Dad!

Below are some purposefully blurred photos of my father.

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Elly said...

Beautiful, sweetie! Um..giggle...if we didn't have Fathers....we wouldn't DIE, because we wouldn't!!~wink,wink! But such a love for your Father at such a tender age gave me 'goodbumps'! Still lifting you up for your loss.