Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blurred Lines Between Public and Private

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Too often today the lines between public and private are blurred. This can be seen in our conversations and our behavior. It is a trend that has even reached into the heart of the church, removing her inhibitions and shame and replacing them with rebelliousness and pride.

Today it is not uncommon for Christians to “air their dirty laundry” in public through conversation, gossip prayer requests, message boards, or blogs; thereby dishonoring their parents, spouses, children, siblings, or friends. Do we truly love our neighbor if we are complaining about them to others? Are we seeking God’s face and lifting our family up in prayer, or do we bypass God and seek friends who will be on “our side” in our petty wars?

Young girls have no qualms about discussing their monthly cycles with friends – including boys. Boys and girls alike discuss with great animation how “far” they have been members of the opposite sex. Is nothing sacred anymore? Why do Christian teens feel more comfortable discussing their sexuality than their faith?

The line between public and private has also been blurred in the way we dress. Less than one generation ago, it would have been scandalous for a young girl to accidentally, much less deliberately, expose her bra strap, now it is commonplace. Boys sag their pants to arrogantly display their boxers, girls parade their bellies with midriffs and low rise pants that get lower with each season. Even more than that, it seems to matter little what size one’s belly is – flaunt whatever you’ve got.

There is no longer any shame in the world. Reserve and guilt (no matter how genuine) are seen as vices. We flaunt our sin blatantly. Americans hold self-esteem in such high regard that it matters not whether or not we possess something to be truly proud of. Whatever happened to boasting in Christ or seeking to cover someone’s sin in God’s love? Whatever happened to being a real parent who taught their children where the lines were drawn and made sure their children did not stray? Whatever happened to honoring our spouses by building them up rather than tearing them down?

Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when I punish them, says the Lord. This is what the Lord says, Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls… Jeremiah 6:15-16

You are now at a crossroads; what will you do?


Donna said...

Good post. I feel exactly the same way!

Elly said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post.

Calla Lilly said...

*blush* you're welcome