Wednesday, March 01, 2006

When Admiration Becomes a Problem

I think sometimes women get confused. Not being a man, I cannot speak for that gender. I do know that admiration of others can develop into something greater and sometimes something sinful. In some instances, admiration of another leads to idolization or emulation. Let me give you an example.

I know of a woman whom I had always admired. She has 7 children, homeschools them all, lives on a very large farm that will some day be self-supporting. Even before I became well acquainted with this woman, I idolized her. I had always wanted a large family. I was homeschooled myself, so I have a natural bent towards homeschooling. I have always been attracted to the self-sufficient type of lifestyle. But this woman's lifestyle is not what God has for me. I am not a high energy person - never have been. I could not keep up with all that land, farm animals, or children. God knows best.

Growing up, I always admired the discipline and sacrifice of Olympic athletes. I would have loved to have been a gymnast or an ice skater. No matter what I do, one of my legs will always be shorter than the other, and my spine will always be curved. I have always had and will always have a weak constitution. God knows best.

When I was 11, I saw Itzhak Perlmann on TV and admired his passion for music. I wanted to play the violin and make it sing like he did, but I am one of those people who cannot even pat their head while rubbing their stomach. God knows best.

My husband loves basketball, but no matter what he does, he will always be short and stocky - not your basketball type build. God knows best.

My point is this; as you peruse the blogosphere and read about people that you admire or wish you could be like, be careful. While someone else's life is good or they have admirable qualities, that doesn't mean that everyone is supposed to have those same gifts or talents. In and of themselves, those things (like have 7 children or being musically gifted) do not make you more godly. Maybe your life is not as pretty as a china tea cup; maybe God wants you to be an everyday mug that is used more often. ;) Don't look at other peoples' lives to as an example - look to Christ. God knows best. Posted by Picasa


Donna said...

I agree. We shouldn't compare our lives to others and be envious. God has us where we are at for a purpose.

Terri said...

Thank you.

Mrs. M said...

Oh, so well said. I love your quote about the cup. I think us mugs often forget that we are the most valuable and loved to our family.