Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pretty is - is Pretty Does

I often listen to my daughter's conversation with friends (yes, they know I'm listening) and very often, the conversation will eventually come round to the topic of where all the "real" men have gone. Lately, I have been wondering where the ladies have gone as well. While we probably aren't groomed like the girl in the photo here, what about our behavior? Are we as abrasive or loud as this girl's hair? Or, do we have a gentle and quiet spirit? It is not enough to be delicate on the outside; we must be delicate on the inside as well. This does not mean we are weak. Trust me, real women have great strength of character, but that strength is in the Lord - not in the toughness of the world. The next time someone cuts you off in traffic or treats you unfairly, remember this photo and ask yourself if your response mimics this girl's hair or imitates the character of Christ. Posted by Picasa


Terri said...

Hi, Calla Lily!

Welcome back. Thank you for this gentle reminder. The way I behave in traffic is something about which God has been dealing with me.

Donna said...

My daughter and I have almost finished the book Maidens of Virtue and the chapter we discussed yesterday made the same point as your post: if we want real mean to show up, we must first be real ladies who display the gentle and quiet spirit that God treasures.

I hope whoever is ill, feels better soon!