Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Applications Now Being Reviewed

Just kidding, of course. :) Our daughter has now reached the age where waiting for her "knight in shining armor" is not so much the problem as is wondering if there are any Knights left. Sometimes I wonder myself. When I met my own dear knight 19 years ago, I knew he was a rare find, so how much more rare will it be today. My daughter and I kidded about placing an ad on her blog as a joke, but we were afraid of what kind of responses she would get. Of course the ad only included character traits that were "knightly", so it is not all we desire for her. Here is our pretend ad for your enjoyment:


Knight in Shining Armor/ Warrior Poet
(those with tarnished armor need not apply)

Must display the following qualities:

pure in heart
brave - willing to slay dragons and rescue fair maidens
have fire of intellect
a servant-leader
ability to woo fair maiden through poetry or music

Job Requirements:

must love fair maiden

Knights-in-training (i.e. squires) may apply

Applications may be sent to the gate keepers of the Princess' tower via e-mail. Posted by Picasa

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Meredith said...

Take heart! Even though the true knights may be few and far between, this makes them even more easy to recognize when you stumble upon one! I never thought I would have met my future husband while taking a summer graduate school class in Children's Literature at a historically black university, for instance!