Monday, January 09, 2006

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if no one had TV? Would cities and towns look more distinctive in architecture and style rather than the cookie-cutter fashions we see today? Would we have as many clothes or gadgets & toys? Would women feel the need to bring a second income into the family? Would we actually meet our neighbors because we weren't "friends" with TV characters? Would we be smarter or more well-read? Would we support the arts more? Would we be more sympathetic towards those in need that we see because we hadn't been desensitized by the media? Would we be happier with what we have - our families, our bodies, our income...? Just some thoughts. :) Posted by Picasa

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Kate said...

I am so happy to be without TV. It's been 4 years now! My life has greatly improved! So much so, I don't want to go back to TV EVER and I feel very strongly that my children should not have that TV crutch.

I never realized how much TV influenced my life until after I got rid of it. My thought process was different. I wanted and tried to obtain one foot in the world, one in holiness. The Bible says that fails. My self-esteem was terrible when I had TV, and it's now greatly improved! I'm so happy and I get SO much more done without the "idiot box."

I've also met many people, some of whom are not religiously-minded when it comes to getting rid of TV. They all agree it's the best thing they've ever done in improving their lifestyles.