Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A True Girl

Here is a passage from Mrs. Julia McNair Wright's The Complete Home:

A true girl, one who has the right to the name of lady does not desire to call public attention to herself. She must be sought for. She does not parade herself to general view. She is careful not to act or dress in a manner to make herself remarkable either for oddity, display, showy colors, or extravagance. Her dress and her manners are simple and refined. Her good taste regulates her tones, her words and her actions as well as her bonnets. She quietly does what she thinks she ought, and has a large reserve power of intelligence, wit, accomplishment, kind feeling. She does not show forth at one glance all her possessions, as some people who set all their silver forth on their tables at once, but she has an untold inheritance and acquistion of valuable things, which will only be discovered by a long acquaintance, when day by day she will surprise you by having a depth of strength, and culture, and lovingness beyond your pervious discerning. Such a girl is like an inexhaustible gold mine, while many girls are like the bogus mines, started by some crafty speculator, who has scattered a little gold and quartz along the surface. Posted by Picasa


Mindy said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog...its beautiful!! I just started a blog of my own also...Come visit me when you get the chance. BLessings to you and yours for the New Year!!

Leigh said...

Hi, that was a lovely post. It is so easy to forget such things when the world is constantly trying to get us ladies to be flashy in all we do. Thank you, I needed that :)