Monday, December 05, 2005

Romantic Christmas Memories

One of my favorite Christmas presents from my husband was during the year we were courting. What made the gift so special was the meaning behind the gift. I did not have a great deal of money, and my loved one did not feel that I had a proper winter coat (which I did not). So, after consulting with my mother, he bought a beautiful coat to keep me warm during the cold winter months that lay ahead. That gift often reminded me of his love for me in a way that no piece of jewelry could. I knew that he desired to protect me and care for me. His love was, and still is, a selfless love. Posted by Picasa


Julie said...

That is so sweet. My DH gave me a jacket for my 21st birthday when we were dating. No one understood why that present meant so much to me.

Donna said...

I've enjoyed the pictures in your last few posts! Sorry to hear about the ants and mice but it was good of you to put a positive spin on it by calling it fall cleaning.