Saturday, December 31, 2005


My husband and I were very pleased with our daughter's sleep over last night. The girls did not get very far into the movie and decided to interact instead. They spent the evening reading Shakespeare together and laughing. :) We were also pleased things went smoothly because two of the girls in attendance were girls that our daughter has witnessed to in the past. We made certain that the other girls (Christian homeschoolers) invited were strong in their faith and that they and their parents knew that this was an unusual sleep over because of the "mixed" group of girls. The whole evening was bathed in prayer, and things went very well. We hope that one of the girls will go to church with us soon. :)

In other news we are "fostering" a 7 week-old puppy this evening. Puppies are so sweet! :)

As I think about the beginning of a new year, my thoughts turn to resolutions. I haven't made a resolution in several years, but this year I am returning to the tradition. In 2006, it is my goal to:

read through the Bible
keep up with budget (surely we can do it this year)
(dare I say it?) lose some weight
eat at home more often (that's nice & vague)
relish being a homemaker (this one is easy)

I may think of some more resolutions as the evening progress, but for now I must close by wishing you a blessed new year! Posted by Picasa

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