Friday, October 28, 2005

Tell Me the Old, Old Story

Today, we had our foster daughter watch the Luther movie to give her a better understanding of the reformation. While watching the film, she asked if those who were taught error during that time, were in heaven or hell. It is so exciting to have her ask us such serious questions. It seems as though not a day passes that she doesn't ask us something about God or our faith. We take such discussions with our biological daughter for granted because she has grown up in the faith (at the ripe old age of 15). She has been taught these truths since she was a babe. For our new, foster daughter, these ideas are fresh and thought provoking. She truly grapples with her faith and the doctrines of God. These truths should be just as exciting to us, no matter what our spiritual age. Posted by Picasa


Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

How is everything going with your foster daughter?

Anonymous said...

We watched this movie a few months ago. It was very interesting and did explain some things a bit better even for me!

Hope things continue to go well for you all!