Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Good Ol' Days

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Here is a snapshot of my aunt, my grandmother, my mother, and me. I'm the one who looks like I'm ashamed to have my picture made, but actually, the sun was in my eyes, and my grandfather always took a long time to take a picture. :) If a group of ladies were dressed in this manner today (aside from the styles being very dated), one might say they were to attend a formal event. In those days (1960's), this is how we dressed to go shopping.

I loved to spend all day shopping with these women. We would go to the department store to shop and then have lunch in the store restaurant. The restaurant had real table cloths and linen napkins and china. It was always such a calming and happy sound to hear the tinkling of china and chatter of ladies. There was often an informal fashion show going on during lunch where models roamed from table to table wearing the latest dress, telling us where to find it and how much it cost. At one such restaurant, there was a circular stage where the models sometimes walked. One fine Saturday at lunch, we were fortunate enough to sit right next to the stage. I was so delighted that I did not resist the urge to climb up on the stage with the models, much to the embarrassment of my mother. :)

There aren't many places like that anymore, and women no longer dress in a beautiful way. We all don blue jeans and t-shirts, and our behavior tends to be equally common. We dine in fast food restaurants or in traffic and eat and drink out of styrofoam and plastic containers. Society is no longer civil or genteel. We no longer shop with friends or family, and we no longer know our neighbors. We lack beauty in our everyday lives.

I am blessed to have a daughter who loves to dress up to shopping or go have tea at our local English tea room (where they have the tablecloths & china!). But, what else can we do? Perhaps today would be a good day to bring a small bouquet of flowers to someone who needs cheering? Or, set a nice table for your family? Or, maybe take that step to dress a little more beautifully and act more gently?

What ideas do you have?


Lisa said...

I remember when a lot of department stores had restaurants. My mom never took me to one because I was so hyper as a child.

After reading your entry I want to eat in a restaurant during shopping instead of grabbing something "quick" between stores.

Leslie said...

I am so grateful to find women who appreciate the same things that I do. Previously, I thought that the picture of the "idea lifestyle" would have been considered non-sense by many. I thought that it was my "romantic sensibilities" taking me a step too far... but Thanks be to God for letting me find a group of women online that have similiar standards, interests, and beliefs. How about hosting a dinner party or have some friends over to play a nice game of croquet or maybe find like minded ladies in your area and start a book club. I'm interested in seeing how other ladies respond. In the world of malls and mega super stores, finding nice things to do (like eating lunch off real china in the department store) are quickly moving into the past. I do think its time that women raise their standards above blue jeans, t-shirts and the drive thru window of McDonalds! :) Just my 2 cents. :)

Donna said...

I loved the picture of you guys and totally agree with you that we have lost something by living in this "fast food" world.

Paula said...

I am not working right now and I also am not driving. I must use the public bus system. When I go out to run my errands, I often wear a skirt and top because I prefer skirts and dresses. I have a favorite flared denim one that goes with a lot of shirts and I look dressy, but not too gussied-up. I believe I'm setting an example, I'm comfortable and I feel like a woman all at the same time. I rarely wear jeans in public anymore.

Calla Lilly said...

Thanks for sharing Paula. I'll be sure to pray for you today as you visit with your GP. I can't post on your blogsite because I'm not a xanga member. :(