Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday's Jobs

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As far back as I can remember, Saturday was (and still is) the day for changing sheets. It's one of the rhythms of my childhood that has stayed with me. To some, living life with a schedule is boring, but for me it is most often a source of stability and rest. I don't have to wonder what is first on my chore list on Saturday mornings because changing the sheets on that day is part of my natural rhythm just as trash day is Thursday and watering the plants is on Wednesday. Most household chores such as dishes and laundry need to be done daily, but there are those things which need to be done only weekly. One thing that needs to be done weekly but is not a chore at all is the Sabbath rest.

Proper rest on Sunday must always begin the day before. Are your clothes ready for tomorrow? Does anything need to be ironed or polished? Is your table set for breakfast and do you have a plan for dinner? Is your home neat and picked up to free your mind of the worries of household duties? It is very hard to prepare to worship God if we are scurrying about with things that should have been done the night before. I have begun Sundays both prepared and unprepared, so I know which is most conducive to worship. :) If you do not have preparing for Sunday on your Saturday schedule, give it a whirl and discover what a delight Sunday can become.

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