Thursday, June 16, 2005

Investment Advice

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If I had some money to "play" with, I believe I would put it all into a reputable hearing aid company because in the future most people will be deaf. I say this because of the frequency of times that my car stereo has been drowned out by the stereo of a car nearby. Last night was the ultimate experience for my family in this regard.

We were dining (inside) at a small Chinese restaurant when we could hear the bass from the stereo of a car passing by. This stereo was so loud that the vibrations from the bass set off the car alarm of another car that it passed in the parking lot! As the offending car belonged to a pizza delivery person who worked in the shopping center where the Chinese restaurant was, car alarms were set off more than once. While we found it somewhat amusing at the time, I do not believe I would have found it amusing if it were our alarm that had been set off or if we had to live next to said person. Is it any wonder that society is so debase when individuals try to make it impossible to hear God's still, small voice.

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Anonymous said...

Nice idea- but by the time those stocks will have matured, most people won't be able to afford the kind of insurance that provides hearing aids.