Thursday, June 16, 2005

Authentic Beauty - The Shaping of a Set-Apart Young Woman

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Leslie Ludy's book, Authentic Beauty, is a fresh and biblical discussion of beauty, modesty, and purity of heart that is exceptionally honest and unrelentingly in its challenges for Christian young women today to become the princess' they were called to be. Ludy goes beyond the simple, outward rules about modesty and relationships to matters of the heart and our relationship with Jesus, our true Prince. This passionate and intimate relationship with Christ is the heart of Ludy's work and life.

In this book, Ludy is frank about her own adolescence and teen years, her past and present desires and fears, her triumphs and her failures. It is the story of her becoming a woman of great beauty before God, a woman who would sacrifice anything for her Lord. Because of the candor with which Ludy speaks, parental guidance in reading this book is encouraged for parents of younger girls. It is, however, this same candor that speaks to the hearts of so many young women as they are able to relate to the author's life experiences and heart. She offers hope to those who believe that true beauty and purity are unattainable for them. Ludy gives young women the tools they need to become beautiful brides for Christ and "lilies among the thorns."

Leslie Ludy's book ends in a challenge for the readers to become women who "discover passionate, daily, unhindered intimacy with their true Prince, Jesus Christ." Her prayer is that they become women "utterly different from the world around them..radiant...confident...fulfilled...and possess a truly authentic beauty that flows from complete and utter devotion to their Prince." If we belong to God, isn't this what each of us, as women of God, should desire? This book is a must read for young women today's changing world.

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