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Dress Standards for Teen Girls

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Dress Standards for Teen Girls
By Mrs. Stanley Sherman
Jun 24, 2003, 23:51

Girls, do you dress in a special way for worship? Could anyone tell that you have your mind on holy things by the way you are dressed? In church, is your appearance the same as on the other days of the week, or do you look like you are doing something special? Is your body properly covered, or are you drawing attention to yourself in a negative way? Did you know that it is rude to dress in immodest clothing when attending church? Immodesty means that you are not covering your flesh, or that you are wearing your clothes in such a way as to draw attention to your figure.
Immodesty is a mindset. Girls would rather be in style and in step with the world than look "different" or "out of style." They have been so influenced by the popular clothing that they will suffer freezing weather in winter, then sunburn and insect bites in summer in order to follow the fashion. Style has become a religion to them. They follow it as though it were a jealous god who will throw them out of his kingdom if they dare wear anything modest and beautiful. "How is your daughter these days?" I asked an acquaintance. "Well, she's doing all right, I suppose," replied her mother. "But her clothes aren't worth mentioning." The daughter had gotten so caught up in fitting in with the fads in fashion that she was wearing "very little."...

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