Saturday, March 26, 2005


My dear husband tells me our biggest problem in our use of time and money is giving in to whims. When we are hungry, thirsty, bored, or see something we want (like a new book!) we give in to those desires immediately rather than considering the ramifications of our acts and using our better judgment. Oy! That might cause a little bit of suffering in our lives! I believe one reason we give in to our whims is that we do not truly believe (heart knowledge) that God will provide for our every need or that we will be genuinely happy with what God provides. I believe to this ultimately relates to our inability to experience a true Sabbath rest where we cease to strive to take care of number one (self) and enjoy God and allow Him to provide. As Marva Dawn pointed out in Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, embracing the true Sabbath rest is not running away from the world or our whims but rather ceasing to let them have a hold on our lives. Whims are such little thoughts, but we are allowing them to rule our lives. We are, as Saint Augustine said, restless ... "O, Lord, thou has made us, and our spirits are restless until we rest in Thee."

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